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PrairiePine Collies

Welcome to Prairiepine Collies!

Our goal is to produce healthy, elegant collies that can achieve their Canadian and American Championships and also be competitive in the group ring, agility and herding.

Although a small kennel we managed to achieve 3 collies in the top 10 last year in Conformation with very limited showing!


Collies should come with a warning label

They should come with a label that says…. you're going to fall hopelessly in love. They will show you sunrises and sunsets that you wouldn't otherwise have seen. They will teach you that snow is a gift ….that the ocean is there for swimming…. that the coldest winter mornings and the hottest summer days are never as bad as people say.

They will introduce you to people, kind people, whom you otherwise wouldn't have met. They will force you to take time every morning to contemplate the day ahead. With their tail-swishing swagger, they will teach you to slow down, the journey being as good as the destination.

They will be an anchor in bad times, a ballast amid occasional uncertainty, a dose of humility when things might be going a little too well. A Collie will be a sanctuary, a confidant, and an occasional excuse. They will regard it as a personal mission to make you laugh, whether by a ritualistic dance over a pig's ear or a gushing lick to the face. They never, ever say the wrong thing, and it's impossible to be in a bad mood around them.

All along, they live by one simple mantra: Count me in.
Maybe I should be embarrassed to admit that a dog can change a person
... But I am not.